1.200,00 дин.

High performance Scooter and 3 wheelers which has dry type clutch oil with superb fuel efficency.

Performance Level: JASO MB Designed for Scooters, 3-Wheelers and motorcycles with “dry type” clutch system with 4-Stroke engines.


Product Description :

High performance oil specifically designed for scooters, maxi-scooters, 3-wheelers and motorcycles with “dry type” clutch system and fitted with 4 stroke engines, with or without catalytic converters. Formulated for all scooters for city-ride conditions and reinforced with a synthetic base oil stock to provide outstanding protection during extreme conditions, cold start, short and long city-rides, high temperatures and engine idling at traffic lights and in traffic jams. Specification of this oil and viscosity grade meets the recent recommendations from Japanese as well as European motorcycle manufacturers. This oil is engineered to keep engine clean from deposits and oil consumption low.

Category: Engine Oil
Sub Category: Synthetic
Packages: 1L, 4L,